Volume: 1

Issue: 2

Date: 01-01-2003

'A Day With the Masters'

Cultural Tourism Package

In Kerala Kalamandalam,Cheruthuruthy

  • 'A Day With the Masters'is a structured visit to the epicenter of Kerala's art & culture,the Kerala Kalamandalam, consisting of the following elements:

  • An audio-visual presentation-Saga of Kalamandalam(10 mins)

  • A Presentation and visit to theKoothambalam-the temple theatre (15 mins)

  • A Visit and Exposition of 10-15Kalaris(teaching classes)-Classical dances-Mohiniyattam, Bharathanatyam and Kuchipudi;Kathakali-Vesham(acting), Make-up, Vocal music, Cholliyattam;Koodiyattam.;Percussioninstruments-Chenda,Maddalam, Mizhavu, Thimila, Mridangam;Karnatic classical Music,Thullal-(2 hours 15 mins)

  • A Presentation onKerala Mural Paintingsand 'Nrittyolpathi',the origin of Dance (10 mins)

  • A visit of theCostume gallery,to see costumes, head-gears, wooden-weapons, masks and jewellery(10 mins)

  • A glimpse of theold KalamandalamCampus on the banks of Nila; Portrait-gallery and the tomb of poet laureate Vallathol Narayana Menon, founder of Kalamandala(15 mins)

  • SumptuousKerala Lunchat a riverside resort

  • Return to Nilayoram Resorts

  • The following details may be noted:
  • The tour will featureKalamandalam students as Guides.The students have been trained in an art form for at least 3 years, and have been given special training for escorting visitors.

  • On the latter part of the tour, one or twoGurus(masters) may also join the tour to interact with the visitors.

  • There will be awelcome-drink(tender coconut water) on arrival of the Group

  • Halfway through the tour, there will be a coffee break where Tea/Coffee and snacks will be served.Mineral water will be available throughout the tour.

  • Lunch at a hotel will be a traditional Kerala lunch, served on plantain leaves and will include two non-vegetarian dishes. Special dietary-requests will be accommodated, subject to advance intimation

  • All visitors are welcome to take still pictures and videos. There will be no extra charges for cameras.However, care should be taken not to disturb the classes. Photographers should not ask the teachers or students to pose for pictures. Professional photographers have to take permission, and there may be extra charges.

  • Visitors may be advised to wear sandals or slippers, for ease of removal, as footwear is not permitted in all kalaris.

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