• Railway Station (Shoranur) :5 km
  • Bus Station: 5 km
  • Airport (Calicut/ Cochin) : 70 Km
  • Hospital : 10 km.
  • Shopping Centre : 5 km.
Surrounding Tourist Spots
Kerala kalamandalam Arts Academy 4 km.
Kalamadalam Museum 4 km.
Malampuzha Dam Project 50 km
Thrissur Grand Church 34 km.
Thrissur Vadakkumnath Temple 34 km.
Thrissur Museum 34 km.
Thrissur Zoo 34 km.
Guruvayur Lord Krishna Temple 45 km.
Peechi dam Project 54 km
Athirappilly Waterfalls 70 km.
Chimmini Wildlife sanctuary 60 km.
Optional Day-out Program

Escorted day-out programs arranged to the following places on request:

Malampuzha River Project : Site is 50 km. east of Nilayoram. The project site lies in the bowl formed by the lower hills of the Western Ghats. The extensive lake is ideal for cruise for which ample facilities exist.

Thrissur Vadakunnatha Temple : 34 km south of Nilayoram. The ancient Vadakkunnatha Temple dominates the town and extensive maidan is celebrated the famous Thris

Peechi River Project : An ideal excursion spots 20 km east of Thrissur. The serene garden, lake and the tranquil surroundings give the visitor the best choice for a day-out.

Guruvayoor Lord Krishna Temple : This most sacred temple dedicated to Lord Krishna (Guruvayoorappan) is just 45 km southwest of Nilayoram. Pilgrims from all parts of the country visit this sacred place throughout the year. One of the nearby appeals to the visitor is the “Elephant Yard or Anathavalam”; an exciting seen where 50 or more elephants are housed and looked after by the temple management.